8 yr old
Dakota is a 8 year old registered 15.2 APHA beautiful mare. UTD and I just had her teeth floated.  I’ve used
her as a trail horse.  She will try anything I ask of her, she will go through, over, in, etc.  
I'm her 2nd owner and have ridden her western for 4 years, I got her when she was 4.
She’s big, young and beautiful. Never bred her.
She will load easily on both of my trailers.  I have a step up and ramp. She backs out on her on.
Stands quitely at the trailer to be saddled.
I have many miles on this horse.  I've ridden her in many trail challenge rides and placed
3rd out of 50 riders in one.  Our scores are always high in doing the challenges.
She's a horse that needs to be ridden and does not do well just standing around.
Because of her age I would say she is not a beginner horse.  Although, I have given lessons on her with
intermediate riders.
She was born an open range horse and has a brand on her shoulder.
She is sound and never had any health issues.  
I have lots of pics of her on this page to show what she can do,
or you can see her on my  
Allegheny River Ranch Facebook page.  
Dakota is one of my best horses and I HATE selling her.
Cave on trail
Tied to
High line
under and
through a
tented tarp
Over Bridge
I have a fly mask
and cross tie
halter on her.
Breast Collar with
rolled up lead
rope hanging on
her side. My trail
saddle has back
strap.  Also full
saddle bags and a
horn bag.
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down to see
all Dakota's